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When a child struggles to sleep with orthodontic headgear, it can be heartbreaking.

These Open Spaces Pillows are great! Many of our patientsorthodontic headgear pillows for more comfortable children
use them to make sleeping with headgear more comfortable.

– Tucker Haltom, DDS, MS, PC

Recently, you made an investment into someone’s new smile. Comfort and protect that smile during this transition phase with a new pillow from Open Spaces™, designed especially for orthodontic and dental patients.

Regular pillows create obstacles to a good night’s sleep. A child who becomes frustrated and discouraged may end up falling behind in orthodontic treatment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. This unique pillow allows the user to sleep peacefully and comfortably without applying pressure to tender mouths or jaws. Made from soft, 100% non-allergenic fiberfill with a smooth cotton pillow cover.

IT’S THE PERFECT HEADGEAR COMPANION! “The pillow has made a tremendous difference!  My child slept soundly and the headgear stayed on all night. The adjustment was much easier and the frustration is gone.”  -Ruth

Sleeping with orthodontic headgear.

Sleep researchers have found that although most people change positions many times during the night, most people have a preferred sleep style. About 1/3 of people sleep on their sides, 1/3 sleep primarily in the face down position, and 1/3 sleep primarily on their backs.

Helping your child adjust to orthodontic headgear.

We think the adjustment to sleeping with orthodontic headgear is made more difficult because the facebows apply an uneven pressure on the patient’s face and jaw when they sleep facedown or on their side. It is difficult to change your preferred sleep position. Our pillow allows patients to sleep in their preferred positions and eases the pressure of the facebow.

The Open Spaces™ pillow works because the cut out area reduces the pressure of the orthodontic headgear pressing against the cheek when a patient is positioned in a face down or face to the side position on the pillow. It can help anyone who is experiencing facial pain and who’s primary sleep style is face down or side position. The Open Spaces™ orthodontic pillow is recommended for face down and side style sleepers.

“This piece of equipment is truly excellent!
Until you sent one to me, I had been using two pillows, inconveniently, with my facebow lying in the gap between them. The pillow, with its slot, disposed of these problems and is a credit to its inventor and marketer.orthodontic headgear pillows for more comfortable children
Not to put too fine a point on it, it should, arguably, be recommended to any orthodontic patient put in orthodontic headgear. “
– Jon Millard, Australia

Help your favorite patient enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep by ordering today!

orthodontic headgear pillow order now
Enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep with orthodontic headgear on an Open Spaces™ pillow.