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How to Reduce sores in mouth

Are you having blisters or sores in mouth from your orthodontic appliances? The Open Spaces pillow can help reduce the effect of these problems. The inside of your mouth will be pushed into the irritating appliances when you sleep on a regular pillow. The Open Spaces pillow slot reduces the pressure on side of face. The Open Spaces pillow can help reduce the irritation you have from sores in mouth.

Open Spaces orthodontics pillows for a more comfortable night's sleepCommonly used Orthodontic Appliances that can cause blisters or sores in mouth

The Open Spaces™ pillow can help provide relief for blisters or sores in mouth. There are many different appliances that orthodontists use to straighten teeth. Each patient has different needs to achieve straight teeth. Some of the more common appliances that are used by orthodontists to straighten teeth are:

  • Herbst appliance
  • Advansync™ 2 Class II molar-to -molar appliance
  • Forsus©
  • Jasper Jumper©
  • Jones Jig©
  • Eureka Spring©
  • Lokar Distalizer©
  • MARA© (mandibular anterior repositioning appliance)
  • Damon System© appliances such as Damon Cantilever Flip Lock Herbst and Damon On-the-Archwire Flip Lock Herbst
  • Carriere® Distalizer™
  • Twin Force® Bite Corrector
  • Multi-Distalizing Arch™ (MDA) System
  • SUS2™ – Sabbagh Universal Spring
  • 3D® Maxillary Bimetric Distalizing Arch
  • tomas® (temporary orthodontic micro anchorage system)
  • Unitek™ Temporary Anchorage Device System
  • VectorTAS™ Temporary Anchorage System
  • The Aarhus System™ Miniscrews
  • Ancor Pro® Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage System
  • Spider Screw™ Temporary Anchorage Device System
  • Dual-Top™ Temporary Anchorage Device

Get relief from blisters or sores in mouth with an Open Spaces pillow

The Open Spaces™ pillow can provide relief from the pressure of a Herbst appliance or any other intraoral appliance used with orthodontic braces that can cause sores in mouth. The slot works the same way as with facebow headgear to relieve direct pressure on the mouth from a regular pillow.

Hundreds of dental offices care enough to recommend the Open Spaces™ pillow to their orthodontic headgear patients
Now with nearly 20 years of clinical experience and thousands of satisfied patients and parents. Hundreds of orthodontic offices care enough about their patients to recommend Open Spaces™ pillows to help children adapt to their headgear and other orthodontic appliances.

Order it today online. Your favorite patient can be enjoying a more comfortable night’s sleep very soon.

Click here to learn more on how to care for your Open Spaces orthodontic pillow.

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Open Spaces™ pillow for a great night’s sleep with orthodontic appliances for sores in mouth.